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Biker Vocabulary A - P

ABATE - Acronym for American Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education - ABATE of California is committed to protect and promote the interests of the motorcycle community.  ABATE exists to preserve and safeguard the individual rights and liberties of all riders through political and legislative action.  ABATE promotes motorcycle safety through education, training and public awareness.

AMA - Acronym for American Motorcyclist Association - concentrates on rights, riding, and racing.

Ape hangers - Handlebars that are at operator's shoulder height or higher.

Armor - Motorcycle riding gear that often has foam pads in strategic areas.

Asphalt snake - The material used to patch cracks in the asphalt.  They can be slippery and potentially dangerous.

Back door - The last rider in a group.  AKA sweep or tail gunner.

Back yard - Where you often ride.

Baffle - Sound deadening material that sits inside a muffler and quiets the exhaust.

Bagger - A big touring motorcycle that is equipped with saddlebags or luggage.

Bone yard - Salvage yard for bike parts.

Brain bucket - A small, non DOT approved helmet.

Broken wing - A patch that shows that a rider has been in crash.

Burnout - Spinning the rear wheel while the front brake is locked.

Cage - An automobile.

Chase vehicle - A truck or van that rides behind a group of motorcycle riders on a long trip to haul gear and/or any vehicles that break down along the way.

Chopper - A motorcycle that has an extended front end with a greater angle than standard bikes.  The term comes from the fact that early riders would chop (cut away) unnecessary portions of the bike and frame to reduce weight.

Colors - Motorcycle club back patch.

Counter steering - At speed, a motorcycle is controlled by turning the handlebars away from the direction you want to turn.  Push the right handgrip to turn right, push the left handgrip to turn left.

Crash bar - Engine guard.

Crotch rocket - A sport bike with high horsepower.

Cruiser - Low and long motorcycle, including many motorcycles in the Harley Davidson lineup. 

Donor cycle - Nickname used by the medical professional or emergency workers (police and firefighters) to describe a motorcycle.

Do rag - A cloth covering the biker's forehead and head; used to avoid helmet hair.

DOT - An acronym for Department of Transportation

Dual sport - A motorcycle designed for both on- and off-road use.

Duals - A motorcycle that has two separate exhaust pipes.

Eat asphalt - Slang for crash.

Endo - Stopping with the rear wheel off the ground; AKA stoppie.

Enduro - A motorcycle designed for both on- and off-road use.

Fairing - The plastic body panels that protect the rider from the wind, rain, and, to some extent, from other debris.

Fathead - Dual cam V-Twin manufactured form 1999 - today.

Flathead - V-Twin engine manufactured from 1929-1972.

Fast riding award - A speeding ticket.

Fishtails - An exhaust tip that resembles a fish tail.

Forward controls - Front pegs, shifter and rear brake control moved further forward to enable the rider to stretch out his/her legs.

Front door - First rider in a group.

Gator - Pieces of tire in the road.

HOG - An acronym for Harley Owners Group.

Hammer down - Accelerate quickly.

Hard tail - A motorcycle with no rear shock absorber; this rigid frame results in a stiff ride.

Heel-toe shifter - A shift lever that allows the rider to shift gears with either the heel or toe of a boot.

High side - A particularly nasty type of crash where the rider is bucked up and over the handlebars.  Usually caused when the rear brake is released after a rear wheel lock up.

Independent - Someone not a part of any club or organization, but normally a part of the biker culture.

Ink - Tattoo

Ink slinger - Tattoo artist

Jiffy - Side kickstand

Keep the Dirty Side Down - A parting expression between bikers meaning ride safe.

Lane sharing/splitting - Riding in a non-lane between cars; it is only legal in California.

Lane stealer - A car driver who tries to squeeze by a motorcycle rider in his lane, merges in too close, or who passes a motorcycle rider in a no passing zone.

Leathers - Leather motorcycle riding gear, including jackets, pants, gloves, and boots that are helpful in protecting a rider in the event of a crash.

MSF - An acronym for Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  This organization exists to educate riders on how to safely operate their motorcycle on the road.  Upon successful completion of the basic rider course in California, a rider receives an exemption from the DMV riding test and qualifies for the M endorsement.

NBD - An acronym for Never Been Dropped.

NMO - An acronym for New Member Orientation.

PMS - An acronym for Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.