Pomona Valley HOG


Rice rocket - A slang term for a Japanese sport bike.

Road (Ride) captain - The leader of the group

Road gator - Pieces of shredded tires littering the road.

Road rash - An abrasion that results from sliding along the ground after a motorcycle crash.  Wearing proper gear can limit road rash but may not prevent entirely.

Shotgun pipes - A dual exhaust that resembles a double-barreled shotgun.

Sissy bar - A passenger backrest found mainly on choppers and some Harleys, but can technically be added to just about any motorcycle.

Skin - A vehicle's paint job.

Soft tail - Has the styling of a rigid bike but maintains the functionality of the suspension.

Sport bike - A light weight, high horsepower motorcycle designed with emphasis on acceleration, cornering, and stopping power.

Suicide shift - A shift lever mounted directly to the transmission.  The rider had to take a hand off the handlebars in order to shirt gears.

Super slab - Large expansions of open road - highways, interstates and expressways.

Tail gunner - The last rider in a group motorcycle ride.

Tar snake - The material used to patch cracks in the asphalt.  This material has less traction than the original pavement and can be slippery and potentially dangerous.

T-CLOCK - An acronym for tires, controls, lights and electronics, oils, chassis and chain, kickstand.  The MSF uses the acronym as key points of the pre-ride inspection.

Touring motorcycle - Larger bikes designed for comfort on long rides.

Twisties - Slang for a road with many turns.

V-Twin - A motorcycle with two cylinders positioned in a V.

Waxer - A motorcycle owner who is more likely to spend time washing and waxing his/her bike than actually riding it.

Wheelbase - The distance from the front wheel hub to a rear wheel hub.  A longer wheelbase results in a more stable, but less agile, motorcycle.

Wheelie - Riding a motorcycle on the rear wheel only with the front wheel suspended in the air.

Yard Shark - A dog that tends to dislike motorcycles and will try to attack.  Dogs plot an intercepting path, so varying your throttle is an effective evasive maneuver.

Biker Vocabulary R - Z